Vienok's repertoire is mainly focused on processing of traditional slovak folklore. We offer culture festivity compiled of the songs and dances from different regions of Slovakia. This is for the general public, fans of folk songs and traditional folklore, for your pleasure and enjoyment and also for the presentation of Slovakia abroad. The ensemble presents culture of the Slovak nation, traditional habits and rituals, artistic hand-made products and also traditional garbs.
Our programme can be brought together in conformity with clients wishes in duration from 15 to 90 minutes. Reperoire includes traditional slovak songs, stylized folklore and also exhibits of urban folklore. This kind of programme emphasizes cultural value of slovak folk art, loveliness of folk songs, childrens playfulness, their spontaneity and zest of dancing. Young people are bringing back to life lores through the dance choreographies. Also a folk tune band is taking part in the childrens programme.

For better remembering of these memories we offer you compilation of our songs on CD's together with education of traditional folk dances through some kind of "Dance houses" where you can learn traditional slovak folk dances in simple modalities and concrete dance steps by playful form.

We are fair-minded to get knowledge of other cultures, so we embrace opportunity of an exchange excursion to get in touch with young people with similar interests all over the world.

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